Submarine vehicles

Submarine vehicles

Orange Marine offers a wide range of products dedicated to burial and maintenance of subsea submarine cables.

Since 1979, ours teams are specialized in building and equipment of marine engines:

  • ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
  • ploughs
  • trenchers
  • crawlers
  • jetting sledge
Based in Fuveau close to Aix-en-Provence in France, our department is certified ISO 9001.

Our experts has acquired an incontested expertise in the submarine works with the ability to work to depths of 3000 meters.

Our team provides engineering and maintenance services in the following areas:

  • cable landing
  • short distance cable installation (50 km maximum)
  • recovery and clean-up the submarine cables
  • burial operations on all kind of sea bed
  • survey and inspection
  • design office and technical hotline
  • supply services of  personnel (head of mission, team leader, pilot…)

ROV (Remotly Operated Vehicle)