Elodie plough

Elodie plough

Elodie is a strong and heavy 3m plough dedicated for cable works. This product is the result of 13 years of experience.

Elodie is a reliable and efficient plough dedicated for the cable burial. This product is the result of a 13 years of experience and an evolution of the Elise which has been designed in collaboration with ECA. Elodie 2 is installed on the cable ship René Descartes and has already buried more than 5000km of cable.


  • operations: simultaneous laying and burial.
  • power : 20kw
  • operating range : Up to 2,000 m
  • cable diameter : Up to 150mm
  • burial depth : Up to 3m
  • laying speed : 0.6 knots
  • traction force : up to 60 tons

Elodie is operated onboard C/S Descartes an average of 150 days a year, with a minimum of maintenance. The final customers as NSW, NEC or ASN have been well satisfied of its performances.

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