Cable Installation

Cable installation

Orange Marine has installed more than 257,000 kilometers of fibre optic submarine cables in all oceans.

Installation contracts are signed after bids from consortia. Orange Marine provides a comprehensive service offer:

  • project engineering, 
  • project management of bathymetric surveys,
  • route selection,
  • evaluation of resources (crews and technical teams, ship , cable length etc..),
  • completion of the installation,
  • shore ends on the coasts and connection with ground stations,
  • complete reporting.

The cable is laid on the ocean bottoms. Near the coast, it is generally buried with a plough or a crawler to protect it from anchors and trawls. Once arrived at its destination, the cable ship passes the baton to a smaller boat that pulls the cable to the beach. It will then be connected to the network via the ground station.

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  • Expertise and skills
  • Operations

Installation engineering

Orange Marine offers engineering services such as:

  • route engineering and charting
  • route survey and burial tests
  • route clearance by dredging
  • regular laying and plough laying
  • post-laying inspection
  • post-laying burial with ROV

Installation projects

The entry point at Orange Marine’s is the Sales and Marketing Division. Our Commercial Director oversees all Sales, Marketing and Project Delivery.

Once the clients’ requirements expressed, the Engineering and Expertise Division takes over the project to deliver the technical offer. The Project Management team defines the technical elements and plans the resources necessary to achieve the project in line with the specifications of the client.

The project management includes:

  • analysis of clients requirements
  • implementation of the matrix of compliance
  • planning of internal and external resources
  • management of conflicts of interest between the client and the integrator
  • management of timing and costs completion
  • management of potential incidents and contingencies
  • organization of crew and technical teams changes

Orange Marine may also provide turnkey solutions including submarine cable supply, in partnership with recognized cable manufacturers.