The Orange Marine fleet

 Orange Marine operates 6 cable ships and a survey vessel from its marine bases or foreign harbours.

S/V Urbano Monti

  • Cable ships Descartes and Elettra’s Teliri proceed worldwide installations of submarine systems.
  • Sister ships Croze and Thévenin, along with Elettra’s Meucci, operate on maintenance agreements.
  • The latest ship, C/S Pierre de Fermat can operate during maintenance and installation missions on telecom or power cables.

Orange Marine teams are acknowledged for their high level of performance.

The crew and the mission on duty are ready to sail 365 days a year with less than 24 hour notice to operate any repair needed. Ashore, the support and expertise departments back the teams on board to ensure the smooth progress of the operations.

Repair operations last for an average of ten days, depending on the transit duration to the work area. The installations may last for several months.

The operations are conducted by two complementary teams:

  • the Captain and his crew – about 50 people – manage the ship operations and are responsible for safety aboard;
  • the Chief of mission and his operational staff – telecom technicians, jointers, submarine vehicles’ pilots – are in charge of the cable operations and manage customer relations with the carrier’s representative, coming aboard for the duration of the mission.

These two teams work closely together to ensure optimal service quality to customers, international carriers consortia. Each ship carries out an average of 12 to 15 operations a year.

Aboard a cable ship

Orange Marine’s cable ships are fitted with specific software for laying and repair: Espadon and Myosotis. They are also equipped with Inmarsat-B satellite communication system, and VSAT which provides permanent Internet access onboard.