Shore ends and post-burial

Shore ends and post-burial

Orange Marine offers a comprehensive service of cable installation, including landing and post-burial.

 Shore ends

The shore end is the section of cable laid in shallow waters, where the cable ship can not operate.

Orange Marine carries two types of shore ends, depending on the area of cable installation:

  • if the distance to the arrival site is short, the cable is floated from the cable ship to the beach; it is the direct shore end.
  • if the distance is longer, a limited draught barge equipped as a cable ship operates an intermediate laying from the cable ship, called a Pre Laid Shore End (PLSE).

Orange Marine disposes complete laying and burying spreads on barges to perform the installation of the longest PLSE.


The Post Lay Inspection and Burial (PLIB) is the last stage of the cable installation.

A ROV surveys the areas where the plough could not operate – such as the 500m zone of offshore installations or zones of cable crossings. The ROV buries the cable to the required depth.