JCWOC Crawler

The Crawler

The J-SWOC is a fully-equipped crawler dedicated for shallow water submarine works.

This product has been designed for telecom and energy cable up to 200 mm diameter. This vehicle is able to work from the beach to water depth of 50 m. This vehicle is able to work on different activities like the energy cable burial or other burial in shallow waters. J-SWOC has achieved 35km of telecom cable burial and inspection in West Africa for ACE project


  • Operational: Inspection and burial in shallow water
  • Power: 220 kw
  • Operating range: up to 50 m (can be upgraded)
  • Trenching depth: up to 2m
  • Burial speed: 500 m/h
  • Speed on tracks: 2,500 m/h

 Download the Crawler brochure