Recovery of cable

Recovery of cable for scrapping or recycling

  Systems at end-of-life may be recovered for destruction or recycling. In this case, they would be laid in a different place as new link.

 The owners of submarine cables have to pay fees for the occupation of the public maritime domain in the territorial waters as long as their systems are in place. It is therefore of great interest for them to have these cables recovered when the system is at end-of-life.

Orange Marine offers a turnkey service of cable recovery including de-commissioning of systems and recycling of the various materials by chains complying with environmental regulations.

Orange Marine adapts to any request and performs recoveries on the beaches, in the territorial waters, but also in deep waters, for cleaning of seabed or recovery of materials such as polyethylene, steel or copper. We guarantee friendly environmental quality work.

Orange Marine has already experienced such recovery projects, for instance on links TAT-8, TAT-9, TAT-10, SMW-2 and SAT-1.