Orange Marine environmental policy

Orange Marine environmental policy

An integrated management system to ensure environmental regulatory compliance

Concerning the environment field, as well as for safety, labour conditions or security, Orange Marine, through an integrated management system, makes sure that all the company’s activities are compliant to relevant regulations, such as MARPOL.

In concrete terms, we may name:

  • controlled waste management ashore and aboard (no rejection at sea, waste sorting for an optimum recycling, treatment by registered and authorized processing centres etc.)
  • control of any rejection
  • control and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, NOx emission for instance)
  • risk and pollution prevention management system, including plans, drills, planning and supply of relevant anti-pollution equipment

ISO 14001 certification – continuous improvement for the environment

Orange Marine is ISO 14001 certified, which implies the management of our impacts on the environment. These impacts are identified, assessed, and an environmental management plan sets goals for continuous improvement

  • In accordance with our customers, we decided to keep a 12 knots average transit speed for all cable ships. It helps reducing the CO2 emissions, as well as the natural resources consumption.
  • Captains shall monitor the state of screw propellers, to avoid any propulsion loss and gasoil over-consumption.
  • The ROV department and the jointing department use the most eco-friendly chemicals such as biodegradable ones.

Customers’ partnership for recovery of unused cable

Orange Marine offers a recovery service for customers to comply with territorial waters and waste disposal regulations. It represents a way for them to participate in the oceans’ bed cleaning and the preservation of the seascape.

Since the first telegraph cable in 1851, more than two million kilometres of cables have been laid in the oceans. Also unused cables do not pose a risk to the environment, they can be considered as end-of-life products. Once the cable is recovered, it is scrapped by ISO 14001 certified companies, preference being given to recycling and re-using of materials.

A continuous commitment

An example of our environmental commitment: back research on whales and avoiding collision. In 2010, Orange Marine signed a partnership with the French association “Souffleurs d’Ecume”, in order to experiment the REPCET (Real-time Plotting of CETaceans) system on a cable ship.

REPCET is a collaborative software system aiming at limiting the risks of collision between cetaceans and vessels. It provides commercial vessels with a real-time access to the positions of whales last seen on their routes. Using this software contributes to the preservation of this species and protect our vessels from damage.

REPCET (Real time plotting of large cetaceans)