Elettra to connect italian islands with submarine cable

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Elettra Tlc Spa has been selected by Infratel Italia for the supply and installation of optical submarine cable links that will provide ultra-high speed connectivity to 21 Italian islands.

This project referred to as “Piano Isole Minori” is an important component of the overall plan “Strategia Italia 2026”. It comprises 21 links with a total of 860 kilometres of subsea cables.

It represents an investment of 45.6 M€.

A marine survey will be carried out in 2022 by the Elettra’s survey vessel Urbano Monti, in order to precisely determine the route of each link. The marine installation is scheduled to take place in 2023 and will be carried out by the Elettra’s main lay vessel C/S Teliri. All cable spare parts to be used for the maintenance of these cable segments will be stored in Elettra’s Cable Depot of Catania, base port of the Elettra’s maintenance vessel C/S Antonio Meucci.

Didier Dillard, President of Elettra Tlc SpA states:

“We are very honoured to have been chosen by Infratel Italia for this special project, that will contribute to strengthen the economy of 21 Italian islands and improve the daily life of their inhabitants. Elettra Tlc is one of the few companies in the world capable to deploy or repair submarine cables in all oceans and seas, and everyone within the company is proud and happy to use his or her skills this time for our home country, in places that will really benefit from them.”

About Elettra TlC SpA

Elettra Tlc Spa is a company dedicated to the marine survey, marine installation and repairs of telecommunication submarine cables all around the world, operating a fleet of two cable ships and one survey vessel. Elettra Tlc is fully owned by Orange. Together with its sister company Orange Marine, it is a world leader in its sector of activity, representing 15% of the global cable ships fleet. It has installed more than 75 000 km of optical cables and is in charge of the maintenance of most of the submarine cables in service in the Mediterranean, Black and Red seas areas.


Paola Colafrancesco: p.colafrancesco@elettratlc.it